Tongkat Ali Extract powder @ Fuel Human Performance
Tongkat Ali Extract powder @ Fuel Human Performance
Tongkat Ali Extract powder @ Fuel Human Performance 2
Tongkat Ali Extract powder @ Fuel Human Performance 3

Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract powder


Our pure highest strength water soluble Tongkat Ali root extract in powder form for manufacturers and passionate Tongkat Ali enthusiasts! Buy in bulk and save:

  • 60 grams @ $49.95 - promotion price $
  • 250 grams @ $188.00 - promotion price $150.40
  • 500 grams @ $338.40 - promotion price $270.72
  • 1kilogram @ $609.00 - promotion price $487.20

For manufacturers:

Our water soluble Tongkat Ali extract powder is perfectly formulated for manufacturers and has superior powder flow characteristics for encapsulation purposes and maximum therapeutic efficacy.

For Personal Use:

This is suitable for the serious bodybuilders, athletes and hard-core Tongkat Ali connoisseurs who prefer taking Tongkat Ali straight (and aren't scared off by the bitterness!). Suitable to be mixed with coffee and always take with meals (or after eating) as Tongkat Ali will drop blood sugar on an empty stomach.

Beware of Tongkat Ali extract marketed via exaggerated extraction ratio's such as 100:1 or even the ridiculous 200:1 as this is all marketing hype. Check out our Tongkat Ali men's health articles for more information.

How to take? 

Simply add 1/4 flat teaspoon and mix with a small amount of hot water and sweeten with coconut sugar and lemon as desired. As TONEX Tongkat Ali extract increases energy and alertness it's best taken in the mornings with meals.

Note: May be kept refrigerated after opening. Avoid moisture and keep is a tightly sealed airtight container.

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