TONEX Tongkat Ali Capsules 东革阿里超大力量30’S @ Fuel Human Performance Hong Kong

TONEX Tongkat Ali Extra Strength


TONEX Tongkat Ali Capsules contain 300mg per capsule of pure water soluble Tongkat Ali Extract for supporting male health and vitality.

Tongkat Ali improves libido and enhances sexual performanceMale andropause is the term given to a noticeable decline in free testosterone and symptoms include low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, irritability, generalized fatigue and even problems with memory and cognition. Low testosterone levels have also been shown to predispose men to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, prostate cancer, osteoporosis and senile dementia. Studies have noted that testosterone levels and sperm count has been declining in many parts of the world and it has been postulated that sedentary lifestyles combined with rising estrogen exposure in foods and the environment may be partly responsible.

    Recommended for men experiencing a decline in energy, libido and sexual performance as well as athletes and bodybuilders for supporting bioavailable testosterone levels.

    Recommended Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice daily after meals. For best results take for 3 weeks then rest for 1 week.

    Each box contains 30 capsules




    • 睾酮水平升高
    • 提高精子质量和数量
    • 提高男性生育能力
    • 高架精子浓度和精子活率的百分比
    • 更高百分比的进步和快速运动的精子
    • 天然焦
    • 安全和有意义提高雄激素水平
    • 提高强度运动时肌肉生长的合成代谢作用
    • 减少性激素结合球蛋白(SHBG)
    • 减弱男性性功能障碍,无副作用
    • 当用于结合重量训练时,东革阿里加速:
    • 增加不含脂肪的质量
    • 脂肪百分比下降
    • 增加臂围
    • 增加肌肉力量




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