Pueraria mirifica pure powder @ Fuel Human Performance Hong Kong
Pueraria mirifica pure powder @ Fuel Human Performance Hong Kong
泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)
泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica) @ Fuel Human Performance
泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)

Pueraria mirifica Pure Powder 50 grams


Pueraria mirifica Highest Grade Organic Powder

Bio-identical Herbal Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pueraria mirifica is the Queen of Herbs for pre and post menopausal symptoms and for women's anti-aging support. Pueraria mirifica is most specific for women approaching menopause and for maintaining hormonal balance after menopause. It is recommended only for for women above 25 years of age.  For enhancing breast firmness and size and for menstruating women it is best taken for 3 weeks per month, stopping for 1 week from the first day of menstruation. Recommendation: Simply add 1/3 flat teaspoon (approx. 300mg) to your favourite drink, tea or coffee every morning and evening. Pueraria mirifica pure powder has almost no taste and mixes well in all drinks. Note: Thailand Pueraria mirifica (candollei) should not be confused with the common Chinese Pueraria lobata. Only our wild Thai Pueraria mirifica contains miroestrol.

Available in convenient 50 grams powder pack

Benefits for Pre & Post Menopausal Women

  • Pueraria mirifica provides noticeable results in only 2 weeks. This includes; natural relief for menopause and reduction in menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, depression, loss of sex drive and headache
  • Pueraria mirifica assists skin health by improving skin hydration, keeping it young, supple and vibrant and also assist skin renewal, allowing scars and wounds to heal faster. Many women report that their skin feels softer and smoother within 2-3 weeks.
  • Pueraria mirifica also improves age-related sleeping difficulties in women.


  • Pueraria mirifica improves collagen production and skin firmness thus minimizing wrinkles
  • Pueraria mirifica improves energy and memory
  • Pueraria mirifica improves joint health and mobility and improves collagen formation in joints in osteoarthritis

Breast enhancement and improved skin tone

  • Pueraria mirifica may improve breast development and reduced breast sagging.
  • Pueraria mirifica has been shown to have anti-cancer properties (however as with all herbs should not be taken without professional guidance by anyone with diagnosed growths / tumours).



泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)是中药被认为是草药的女王为绝经前和绝经后症状,对女性的抗衰老的支持。泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)是最具体的妇女接近更年期以及维持绝经后激素平衡。所以建议只针对女性25岁以上。为了提高乳房的坚定性和大小,月经的妇女,最好每月取 3个星期,停药1周从月经的第一天。


  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica) 提供了引人注目的结果只有两个星期。这包括,自然缓解更年期和减少更年期症状:潮热,盗汗,抑郁,性欲和头痛的损失
  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)有助于皮肤健康,改善皮肤水分,保持年轻,柔软,充满活力,也有助于肌肤再生,使疤痕和伤口愈合得更快。许多妇女报告说,他们的皮肤感觉2-3个星期内柔软,光滑。


  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)提高胶原蛋白的生成和肌肤紧实度从而减少皱纹
  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)提高了能源和内存
  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)改善关节的健康和流动性,提高胶原蛋白的形成,关节骨性关节炎


  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)可以改善乳房发育,减少乳房下垂。
  • 泰國野葛根(Pueraria mirifica)已被证实具有抗癌特性(但与所有药材不应被视为没有专业人士的指导任何人被诊断为生长/肿瘤)。

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