Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali root (Eurycoma longifolia) Jack @ Fuel Human PerformanceTongkat Ali is a small rain forest tree common to Malaysia, Borneo and northern Sumatra in Indonesia. The long taproot of the plant has been used traditionally by the many different indigenous people of the region for a wide variety of conditions, the most common being low sexual energy and fevers. The name Tongkat Ali in Malay means “Ali’s walking stick” in reference to its famed aphrodisiac properties. Beginning in 1993, scientists from various Universities and research institutes around Malaysian began conducting scientific trials to evaluate whether Tongkat Ali had any scientific basis for its reputed aphrodisiac and sexual enhancing effects. In these early studies Tongkat Ali was tested both on its effects on cellular activity in the test-tube as well as animal studies and these showed an increased rate of glycolysis (60% increased), an increase in ATP energy production (80%) observed in liver homogenates and an increase in cGMP and cAMP by 60% (this effect was compared to the action of sildenafil citrate or Viagra and was found to be similar). These results showed that cellular energy was significantly enhanced and the scientific interest in this surprising medicinal plant was born. Till this point in time there has been over 140 internationally published scientific papers on Tongkat Ali and there is now a large evidence based understanding of the multiple pharmacological effects of this plant including many human clinical studies that have shown:

  1. Enhances cellular energy, ATP as well as an increase in cGMP and cAMP.
  2. Enhances free testosterone, fertility and libido.
  3. Reduces SHBG and has an anti-aromatase effect inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
  4. Multiple studies reversing androgen deficient osteoporosis.
  5. Reduction in anxiety and stress and reduction in cortisol, the stress hormone.
  6. May serve as a natural alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy.
  7. Safety and toxicological studies showing a high degree of safety at prescribed therapeutic dosages.
  8. Anti cancer properties including against prostate cancer.
  9. Anti-inflammatory properties.
  10. Antiprotozoal studies.

Starting in 1994, Australian Medical Herbalist Benjamin Drewe started researching the ethnobotany of this unique herb (living amongst the indigenous healers and shamans of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo) and formulating it into modern herbal products for his patients and clients. These products developed into the worlds first GMP produced capsules registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health based on the standardized extract of Tongkat Ali that have set the global standard for Tongkat Ali therapeutic products for more than 20 years.

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Tongkat Ali Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tongkat Ali really work, and if so, how?

Ben Drewe: Yes, Tongkat Ali works on several mechanisms involved with energy, hormonal and sexual function. Tongkat Ali reduces the effects of ageing on the reproductive system by increasing your body's free testosterone bioavailability via 3 essential mechanisms.

  • Enhancing cellular energy ATP to improve vitality
  • Stimulating the secretion of Luteinzing Hormones (LH) which in turn stimulates the Leydig cells of your testicles to produce testosterone.
  • Reducing the conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen (aromatization),
  • Decrease in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG)

Tongkat Ali scientific researchThe net result of these effects is an increase in available testosterone and energy. With aging a large percentage of testosterone becomes bound to serum globulin and is not available to the cell receptor sites where it is needed to initiate its effects. The component in the blood that renders free testosterone inactive is called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Excess estrogen in ageing men can increase the production of SHBG and block testosterone-receptor sites. Estrogen levels of the average 54-year-old man are often higher than those of the average 59-year-old woman. While some estrogen is a necessary hormone for men, too much contributes to a wide range of health issues, weight gain and libido problems. Due to similarities in chemical structure, high serum levels of estrogen also trick the brain into thinking that enough testosterone is being produced, thereby slowing the natural production of testosterone. For testosterone to produce its health enhancing effects, it must be kept in the free form in the bloodstream. Bound testosterone is unable to be picked up by testosterone receptors on cell membranes. For aging men, it is desirable to suppress excess levels of SHBG and estrogen while boosting free testosterone to the level of a younger man. Tongkat Ali is a natural way of boosting bioavailable testosterone while also reducing SHBG and estrogen levels in aging men.

In summary, these combined effects position Tongkat Ali as the safest and most effective herbal testosterone enhancing medicinal plant available today. It is particularly suitable for slowing down or reversing the so called "male andropause" that occurs in middle-age and is of benefit for athletes and bodybuilders as a safe and natural alternative to anabolic steroids.

What dosage should I take to obtain the best results with Tongkat Ali?

Ben Drewe: Through our experience with thousands of customers over the past 20 years we have developed products that can be taken both on a daily basis or the high strength TONEX Tongkat Ali that should be cycled for 3 weeks in every month when a stronger effect is required. Tongkat Ali should always be taken after meals.

The following are our recommendations for the Rainforest Herbs range of Tongkat Ali products.

1) E-P Tongkat Ali 100% capsules. This product contains the highest grade superfine wild Tongkat Ali root and as such has not been changed in any way nor has anything been added. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice daily. This product comes in an attractive gift box with 12 individual packs of 10 capsules each inside.

2) Tongkat Ali Plus capsules. This product 400mg of standardized herbal extracts per capsule, including 160 mg of Tongkat Ali water soluble extract, in combination with 3 additional standardized herbal extracts, Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), Tinospora cordifolia and Licorice (Glycerrhiza glabra). This powerful synergistic formulation is based on the principles of supporting all the hormonal systems that decline in middle age, namely; adrenal / stress hormone support, androgen levels and reduce insulin resistance (pre-diabetes). It is recommended in dosages of 2 capsules twice daily. Safe for daily use.

3) TONEX High Potency Tongkat Ali Extract capsules. This is our most concentrated formula using our pure water-soluble extract at a dosage of 300 mg per capsule. This product is sold in all major pharmacies in Malaysia. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules in the morning. This can be followed by 1 capsule in the evening if required. Take for 3 weeks then rest one week.

4) Tongkat Ali Wild Root Slices - to be used as a herbal tea. This is the most natural form as used by all indigenous races in Southeast Asia and the challenge is only the bitterness of the root. One slice may be added to a pot of boiled water and taken as often as one likes or 2-3 slices may be boiled for 10 minuted for a stronger decoction.

5) TONEX Tongkat Ali Extract Powder - is standardized for more than 1.5% Eurycomanone - the optimal Tongkat Ali strength and most practical for manufacturers and experienced users. Due to its high polysaccharide content, pure Tongkat Ali extract has a very high hygroscopicity and the perfect balance in efficacy to extraction strength is necessary for shelf-life and ease of manufacturing into capsules, tablets etc and this extract has been formulated for professional manufacturers requirements.

Does Tongkat Ali have any side effects?

Ben Drewe: Our Tongkat Ali products, taken at their recommended dosage are very well tolerated and very safe. One may experience a slight sense of increased metabolic body heat (thermogenesis) after taking Tongkat Ali and it is recommended to increase water intake. Also, Tongkat Ali may be taken with MCT Oil in the mornings to assist bio-availability and reduce the blood sugar lowering effect (Tongkat Ali is also good for blood sugar issues). High dosages may give more dramatic effects on libido within a shorter time frame of around 1-2 days, while lower dosages may take 1 week or more to notice the effect. Because Tongkat Ali dramatically increases cellular energy production and overall vitality it is recommended to take the main dosage in the mornings and midday as if taken at night it may delay sleep.

What is Red Tongkat Ali?

Red Tongkat Ali is the root from a rare small rainforest tree that is also known as Akar Haji Samat, the scientific name is: Jackia (Jackiaopsis) ornata, Family: Rubaceae. Also known as Red Malaysian Ginseng, this herbal root is also used for enhanced energy and libido by traditional healers in Malaysia and has had a milder taste when drunk as a tea and is sometimes preferred to regular Tongkat Ali which is very bitter when taken in taste.

Can Tongkat Ali be taken by women?

Ben Drewe: Yes, and women have the advantage that they can take lower doses to get a more pronounced effect as they are more sensitive to the effects of testosterone increase.  I have observed that it is quite common that indigenous women in Borneo prepare Tongkat Ali when they require energy in times of convalescence. Scientific research on women consuming Tongkat Ali is now being conducted  and the results have been encouraging, such as enhanced libido and energy. Physiologically a woman’s libido is also dependent on the presence of testosterone and as women are more sensitive to testosterone than men and even a slight increase can have marked improvements in sexual arousal and physical performance. Tongkat Ali is also suitable in menopausal women as it helps maintain progesterone production from the ovaries and adrenal glands. The ability of Tongkat Ali to enhance testosterone in both men and women is always within physiological normal limits and thus it is increasingly being seen as a safe and natural performance supplement for sportspeople of both sexes. The latest information is that sports scientists have found Tongkat Ali a benefit for female Olympic athletes as the increase in testosterone is within safe natural limits.

How can I maximize the effects of Tongkat Ali, is there anything else I can do?

Taking Tongkat Ali before regular exercise / weight training can improve the results and accelerate muscle growth.


雨林草药(香港)有限公司董事兼医学中医Benjamin Scott Drewe是世界第一位将东革阿里研究和开发成为现代植物药产品的,他拥有超过20年的经验,他的东革阿里的处方在世界各地有成千上万的客户和消费者。Drewe先生专业的中草药配方在马来西亚各大药店出售,自1998年以来也进入主要的跨国零售连锁企业和超市。雨林草药东革阿里产品是在中国推出的第一款产品,在过去的7年中,雨林草药东革阿里被接受为中国最大的东革阿里产品。当购买东革阿里的产品时总是会受到检查,看是否你在零售市场上所购买的东革阿里的产品是来自它们的原籍国,或者只是在网上买卖。因为这两者之间存在着巨大的质量差异(网上卖家很少有质量责任保证,并没有独立的对产品的检查。)毫无疑问应该只接受由该国家卫生部批准制造的健康产品。为了安全起见,总是去找寻雨林草药品牌授权代理商。


Drewe 先生: 东革阿里工程涉及与荷尔蒙和性功能相关的几种机制。综述而言,东革阿里减弱对男性生殖系统的老化,通过三个基本机制的影响增加你身体的游离睾酮的生物利用度。

  • 刺激促黄体生成激素(LH),这反过来又刺激你的睾丸间质细胞产生睾丸激素的分泌。
  • 减少睾酮转化为雌激素
  • 减少性激素结合球蛋白(SHBG)

这三个效用的最终结果是可用睾酮增加。随着年龄的增长,很大比例的睾酮变成血清球蛋白结合而不是提供给需要它的地方,以启动其影响细胞受体结合位点。在血液中,使游离睾酮无效的组件被称为性激素结合球蛋白(SHBG)。老年男性过量的雌激素可以增加SHBG和块睾酮受体结合位点的生产。平均54岁的男子雌激素水平往往高于平均59岁的女人。虽然少量的雌激素对于男性是必要的,但过多会引起广泛的健康问题,体重增加和性欲问题。由于在化学结构上的相似性,高血清雌激素水平也会欺骗大脑以为正在产生足够的睾酮,睾酮从而减缓了自然生产。为睾甾酮产生其健康促进作用,它必须在血液中以游离形式保存。绑定睾酮使睾酮受体细胞膜无法被拾起。对于老年男性,抑制多余的SHBG和雌激素水平是可取的,同时提高年轻人游离 的睾酮水平。东革阿里是一种自然的方式,同时也降低了中老年男性的SHBG和雌激素水平,提高生物活性睾酮。



Drewe 先生:通过在过去的15年中我们与成千上万的客户交往的经验,我们已经开发出可以每天服用或当需要强剂量时,可以连续服用每月3周循环的高强度TONEX东革阿里,并应始终饭后服用东革阿里。                


1)E-P 100%猎犬阿里胶囊:本产品含有300毫克尚未以任何形式改变,也没有添加任何其它成份的纯地面东革阿里根。推荐剂量为每次2粒,每日两次。该产品是为那些第一次试用东革阿里产品的人们准备的,因为它可以被身体广泛吸收,是适合每天使用的首选产品。

2) Tongkat Ali Plus胶囊丸: 本产品是含有160毫克的东革阿里水溶性提取物的胶囊,结合三个额外的标准化中药提取物,积雪草,青牛胆提取物,甘草和茯苓,这是基于强大的协同制定原则,支持所有在中年下降的荷尔蒙系统,即肾上腺/应激激素的,雄激素水平,降低胰岛素抵抗(糖尿病前期)。建议剂量2粒,每日两次。每盒30粒或60粒。日常使用安全。

3)TONEX高效力东革阿里提取物胶囊:这是我们使用效能最高的专有提取物 胶囊,剂量为每粒300毫克。此产品销往马来西亚各大药店。推荐用量是早上2粒,如果需要晚上加1粒。连续三周,然后休息一周。

我们高价的TONEX东革阿里提取物 是拥有最佳实力的东革阿里。索赔比例为50:1,100:1甚至是200:1,所有验证和看似错误的索赔理由是为了使客户得到保证。一个不详实的公司几年前开始和其他人(雨林草药除外)认为有必要延续这种具有竞争力的错误索赔。目前在东革阿里Eurycomanone是主要的生物活性,这是唯一的真正标记,应该出现在超过1%的产品质量和超过1.75%的高效提取。Eurycomanone也被证明是有效的防癌和抗疟剂。不要因为一些公司给出的诸如Eurypeptides和Glycosaponins等等名词而变得沮丧,因为这些都是富有想象力的营销讲那些不想让你有一个可以独立或量化的科学术语的标准,不要惊惶。


Drewe 先生: 我们东革阿里产品在推荐剂量内服用是很安全的。服用东革阿里后建议增加水的摄入量,增加代谢体内热量(生热),以我的经验每个人的反应略有不同。高剂量可能会在较短的1-2天时间内起到戏剧性的性欲效果,低剂量服用1周或更长时间才能看到效果。


最近几个营销公司一直在推广黑东革阿里是更优的东革阿里,其实它只是普通感染了真菌的东革阿里,而不是优势种,只是他们希望你相信。事实上,我们拒绝任何根部变黑的情况发生。这发生在新鲜的东革阿里根没有适当的干燥和受真菌感染后根部变黑。另一个例子是夜行营销公司只是专注于利润,没有有关任何对客户健康的知识。马来草药东革阿里希塔姆(黑色)指的是完全不同的罕见物种Polyalthia bullata。不幸的是这种草药没有配套的科研,因为它可能有副作用,应尽量避免在如今使用。


Drewe 先生: 当然可以,但通常只有经验丰富的药草用户才这样做,因为东革阿里是苦的。精心准备的东革阿里片状茶已在中国流行,因为中国人有喝苦茶保持健康的习惯。东革阿里苦的原则可以提高消化和代谢,降低血糖(预防糖尿病),最好在饭后喝茶。     


Drewe 先生: 是的,我发现婆罗洲的女性们在她们需要能量疗养时通常会服用东革阿里。科学对妇女服用东革阿里的研究结果是令人鼓舞的,如增强性欲和精力。女人生理上的性欲也依赖于睾丸激素的存在,女性比男性更敏感,睾酮即使是轻微的增加也可以在性唤起和物理性能方面有显着的改善。东革阿里也适用于绝经期妇女,因为它有助于维持孕激素分泌的卵巢和肾上腺。东革阿里可以总在正常生理范围内增加男性和女性的睾酮,因此它越来越多地作为对运动员安全和自然的补充剂。最新的信息是体育科学家们发现东革阿里可使参加奥运会的女运动员在自然范围内增加睾丸激素。




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