Coconut Superfoods

Everyday we consume processed vegetable oils, white flour and white sugar yet are we not well informed of the hidden dangers. These common ingredients of the modern diet are highly processed and refined and are far removed from their natural unprocessed form that we have evolved to consume over hundreds of thousands of years. These foods are incompatible to daily consumption and long-term health as our bodies are not equipped to deal with the constant onslaught of sweet high glycemic foods or oxidized vegetable oils. Taken in excess these processed foods trigger our genes, setting off multiple reactions that impact our health, as can be seen with the modern epidemics of obesity, heart disease, degenerative and inflammatory conditions. These diseases of modern living are largely preventable with a return to a diet and lifestyle that supports our genetic legacy and promotes health, not disease.

Coconut Superfoods @ Fuel Human PerformanceThe Coconut Tree (Cocos nucifera) has remained relatively unchanged for the past 50 million years, making it a living fossil that has spread by ocean currents and human replanting to populate almost every tropical beach on the planet. Every part of the coconut tree has a functional use for humans and without it human habitation in many tropical areas would not have been possible. It has provided water and nutrition in places with very little fresh water and where very few edible plants can grow in the sandy soil. Each of the foods that the coconut tree supplies are functional superfoods that supply nutritional density, often lacking in modern diets as well as additional medicinal factors that promote health beyond their nutritional value. This includes their unique phytochemicals that promote metabolism, immunity, brain function and energy as well as the dietary fiber that promotes bowel health and acts as a prebiotic, assisting the growth of a healthy intestinal flora.

Each of the coconut products mentioned below also taste wonderful and have the unique ability to create “satiation” or fullness when consumed, so that we actually consume less and feel more satisfied. Coconut products are all low glycemic which means that we can remain full for a longer time, avoiding the blood sugar spikes and falls that stimulate snacking between meals. They are also gluten free and 100% safe for those with gluten sensitivity and with some trial and error, can be used to replace high-gluten flours when baking cakes, breads, pizza’s and such.

Cooking with Coconut Superfoods

Health begins with making the right choices of what to put into your kitchen. If your pantry is full of processed refined foods then this is what we will end up cooking with. There are hundreds of cookbooks and websites with details on how to cook delicious healthy foods with coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut syrup and coconut vinegar. Indeed, with some experience it’s simply a common sense replacement of the processed ingredients with the organic coconut ingredients in your favourite recipes.

Therapeutic Coconut Oil Products

Virgin Coconut Oil is a superior base oil for combining with other medicinal oils due to its antioxidant stability of its medium chain fatty acids. Our Medical Herbalist has developed synergistic phytotherapeutic oil blends to enhance health and may be used both internally and externally.